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Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment happens in the home and within families, it happens at work, and it happens in schools and colleges.  It creates misery.

Bullying is:  constant criticism, undermining, fault-finding, isolation, being singled out, marginalized or excluded. It makes you feel belittled and humiliated. It may include being threatened, distortion – twisting everything you say and do, or being shouted at.

All bullying is abuse of power

Many people who are bullied are isolated – this is something you can do something about – get help and support now!  If you are bullied at work, school or college, keep a record of all incidents – log dates and times, what happened, how you responded and how you felt.  Try to get witnesses to bullying incidents. Keep copies of anything relevant, and try to avoid being alone with the bully.  

Those who bully others are insecure in themselves. Gaining a better understanding of the 'bully mentality' is useful in planning new ways to respond.  In any situation, if we do what we've always done, we're likely to get what we've always got.I have worked with people of all ages to turn the situation round - to feel differently and to react differently.

Being bullied in the past can leave us with a legacy of learned helplessness, which stops us from fully finding our own personal power.  Bullying can lead to anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, clinical depression, PTSD and even suicide.

Counselling can help people to shake free from the results of past experiences and also help people who are experiencing bullying now.  I work with people to make a big difference, fast!

Stop being a 'victim' and take control now!

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