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Feeling stuck?.. At crisis point?.. Ready for change?
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Depression is a term used very loosely these days.  Two thirds of British adults (66%) now experience depression; the vast majority more than one episode. The incidence of depression peaks in the young and very old.  You are in the best position to judge whether what you are experiencing is 'abnormal' for you.

Depression is often sparked off by some kind of loss.
Many depressed people sleep badly, wake up feeling exhausted and are low in energy and motivation.

Poor sleep - Insomnia
Poor and broken sleep is one of the symptoms of depression, often alongside a lot of dreaming sleep. (Rapid Eye Movement - REM). The reason for the increased dreaming when in a depressed state is the amount of emotional arousal during the day - thinking about things that we feel anxious about.

Dreams are our way of processing emotionally aroused, 'charged' thoughts. We do need a certain amount of dream sleep, but too much REM sleep is exhausting and stops us from getting the regenerative and refreshing sleep we need.

Poor sleep leaves us feeling exhausted. Finding out about where to get help, and making an appointment can be the first big step out of depression.

Nobody need any longer be condemned to remain in a state of depression. 
I work with clients in very practical ways to lift depression fast.


Recommended reading:

How to lift Depression. Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrell. Human Givens Publishing 2004. Available from

Lifting the Lid on Depression.  Chris Scott.  Diggory Press. 7.95 - site with lots of useful information.