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Domestic violence and abuse.

Domestic violence and abuse of all kinds can be very damaging. It wrecks the lives of both adults and children!

  • 31% of women have experienced sexual assault by their ex-partners.

  • 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence at some point in their lives.

  • On average, a woman is beaten 35 times before her first call to the police.

Domestic violence is about power and control. All domestic violence starts with verbal abuse; name-calling, put downs, undermining, belittling etc.

Research has shown that certain behaviours can predict whether a man is likely to be violent towards his female partner; being emotionally manipulative (such as threatening self harm if she leaves him); being possessive (not letting her go out without him); and hypersensitivity to apparent infidelity (for example, becoming angry if she flirts, or he imagines she flirts, with someone else).

If you are currently a victim of violence or abuse, take control and
get help and support now!

National Women's Aid Help-line 0345 023 468

Police 0845 045 45 45

Call me now on 02392 733920 or email me

Counselling / therapy can help you to understand the causes of abusive behaviour, relationship patterns, help raise self-esteem, and break the pattern of abuse within families. It can help you to be clear about what you want from relationships and to feel good about yourself.

Abuse in Childhood

Emotional, physical or sexual abuse in childhood is common. Partly because of the hidden nature of abuse, it can leave people feeling as if they were in some way to blame. It can stop children developing a healthy sense of self and lead to low self-esteem and a range of other problems.

In many cases, it also involves a feeling of betrayal by those who should have protected the child from abuse.

In my experience, it is never too late to deal with the results of abuse, and counselling can make a dramatic difference.

NOTE: Counselling about abuse is not advisable if there is a related legal action underway or pending.